Welcome to GuardPost

Professional security operatives upload their online profile detailing their skills qualifications and preferred locations to provide their  security services.

Buyers or end users of security services including security companies  place their security requirements by stating the time date and location including the category of security operative required and then wait for the quotes to appear.

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Why Use GuardPost

The introduction of the SIA licensing scheme has greatly reduced the chances of an unfit person being engaged in security work. Since its introduction, you can rest assured a licensed person has been screened for criminal offences and that any subsequent illegal activity would mean the immediate revocation of their licence.

With these assurances, the opportunity to engage security operatives directly without risk is now available to you with some appealing benefits. 

What are the benefits?

Cut out the middle man: what you pay goes directly to the person you are hiring.

Gain direct access to the largest and continually growing security database in the UK

know exactly who is working at your premises: Guard Post provides colour photograph of all subscribing Security Operatives so there are no surprises and you get the person that meets your specific requirements.

Confidence that the Security operative you source through Guard Post will be punctual and motivated to perform to the highest standard as your rating of their performance will affect their future work prospects.

You can check the feedback comments to see how each operative was rated by previous hirers before you hire them. You won’t be fobbed off with a substandard jacket filler the guard that no one else wanted

No onerous contracts with security companies and if you do decide Guard Post isn’t right for you just stop using it with no cancellation fees.

Nothing could be easier this is a simple effective and flexible resource solution